I truly value your patience


When I began this blog almost nine-months ago, I assumed I would have a solid 18 months to get the “meat and potatoes” posted before anyone even stumbled on the website.  I incorrectly went with this guesstimate by reading the plethora of expert advice out there about “how to begin getting traffic for a new blogger.” I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into, so I took a little time trying to understand what being a “blogger” or attempting to establish an opinion-based website even entailed.  I had never imagined I would take to the interweb as an advocate for any cause, let alone attempt to construct a website anyone would take seriously… I mean… for real… who the hell am I that people should care to listen to my opinion?

Since I opted to go for it anyway (because I promised myself I would), I assumed it would take an excessive amount of effort to get anyone to even consider reading it in the first place (or know it existed).  With this silly wish in my head that maybe I would be surprised and people would actually care about what I had to say, and the fear that I was not ready for the rejection my writing would likely receive… I purposely attempted to avoid the “expert” tips to obtain traffic for at least 18 months.  

I kinda figured the only people who would find it in the interim would be terribly desperate women who were at the end of their rope and ready to kick the chair out. I didn’t want to remove myself as a potential source of hope for these women (having been one myself), so I opted to leave it open for public view while I allocated my 18-month window of time before I actively sought out readers.

Why 18-months?  I gave myself this timeline with the knowledge that I might be able to squeak out 1-2 posts per month with the excessive work demands and time-consuming military obligations I have.  I literally sat down and looked at every topic I wanted to thoroughly cover and it amounted to approximately 30 separate posts, so 18-months seemed like a rational amount of time before I held my breath and attempted to “get it out there.”  

Having many of those 30 posts already half-constructed, I really assumed I would be able to pull this feat off the way I envisioned before the blog ever stood the small potential of receiving heavy traffic.  I had to have those 18 months though because, in the “off-chance” people actually did take the time to read my excessive rants… I wanted to be certain I had exhausted any new research available in the articles I put up.  I needed to know (for myself) that the information I was sharing with other NT wives was as beneficial as I could make it and that I had directly addressed each and every question I personally had in all the years I was killing myself in search of these very answers. 

It was so incredibly important that I made sure I covered every common question, clarified every unfortunate misunderstanding, and aggressively combated every stupid moron out there spreading damaging and/or malicious rhetoric about Asperger’s syndrome.  I wanted to get it all constructed in its entirety before anyone could tell me (with warranted justification) I was completely insane or wrong (because at least they got my thoughts in-full before they formed an opinion).  Call me a pessimist, but I anticipated a hell of a lot of nasty reviews of my writing if ever discovered, so I wanted full and complete disclosure about how I felt regarding “EVERYTHING-ASPERGERS” before they demonized me or told me what a moron I was.


I sabotaged my own “timeline” vision when I opted to fire back my strong opinion on a few highly-visited websites about Asperger’s syndrome (and left my blog-link up to validate my words).  



I think in my gut I knew this website was going to receive visitors.  I knew how needed and valuable a website dedicated to giving hope to neurotypical women was, I knew how desperately women like myself were still searching for answers, and I knew that the entire reason for my decision to begin this blog was not without merit.  I should have also known then, that it would not take long for these women to find my page and begin sharing it with other desperate women.  I did NOT know that I would also reach a large number of women and men with Asperger’s syndrome who appeared to equally value what I had to say (what a humbling and incredible experience that has been!)

While I am beyond appreciative and astounded (beyond any expectations I originally had) that so many people are already sharing their personal stories and asking questions, I am finding myself both frustrated and saddened I have not been able to offer ALL that I had originally intended in a shorter amount of time.  With my original timeline being sidetracked by the time it takes to try to answer everyone’s questions and offer my words of encouragement and thanks (both on the blog itself and through email, which has a significantly higher amount of reader replies), I am finding it more difficult to get the original 30 posts up in a rapid amount of time.  With that being said… PLEASE DO NOT STOP these comments, questions, stories, or insights from coming in, I LOVE THEM!

I really was not prepared for the outpouring of support and encouragement I have received in such a short duration of time.  I want to offer my sincerest apologies for the delay in responding to each person individually, as well as providing the information many of you are seeking.  I still have several incredibly important posts that are pending that will (more than) cover the questions that have since gone unaddressed for many of you.  I kindly ask that you bear with me as I try to wrap them up and get them posted as quickly as my schedule will allow for.

If you click on the actual pages I have listed: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, & WHY; you will see the posts that are already finished and available to read, as well as those that are pending at this time… that will be posted soon. These pending titles encompass everything I originally set out to share (long and opinionated as they will surely be).  

I cannot begin to tell you how encouraged I am to keep writing and how much I finally believe my own personal struggle was worth it; not just for the marriage I am learning to value more and find greater happiness in each day, but to know sharing my story is potentially helping others.  I am beyond appreciative of each person who has had the courage to share their own story.

I am unbelievably shocked (still) that I have not received much by way of “argumentative” comments thus far, especially since I have not fully justified why I hold the strong opinions I do on so many topics.  Truth be told, I have yet to receive a SINGLE nasty comment… and this is not because I am blocking them from the blog… it is because I really haven’t received any!  I’m dumfounded as to why this has not happened (considering the negativity on every other blog), but I am delighted and amazed it hasn’t been the norm on here (despite anticipating and bracing myself for it)!

As I have said on here and to those I respond to via email, it is not for lack of information to give that I have not answered everyone’s questions; it is only for lack of time.  If I have not responded to a specific comment or question you have asked, it is not because your question is not important to me.  In fact, it is likely because your question is so important to me, I already have an excessive post (half-constructed) that will directly address it!

Nine months from now I will be leaving my taxing work schedule (that limits my ability to write and respond to everyone) in favor of a job that will (hopefully) afford me exactly that.  It is with my deepest hopes I can finalize all of the “pending” posts before that time and begin sharing daily short posts with everyone.  I am looking forward to having enough time to begin heavily addressing individualized questions, implementing the advice of others, and finding a way to get all of the readers more involved in turning this website into a shared place for advocacy (and not all about me and my opinions).


Thank you all again… from the bottom of my heart. 

All of our experiences, successes, failures, research, and insight are going to eventually become the new face of advocacy for Asperger’s syndrome. 

Call it a pipe-dream, but damn…

12-months ago I thought it was a pipe-dream my marriage would ever get better,


9-months ago I thought it was a pipe-dream anyone would ever read this silly blog!

2 Responses to WHAT’S TO COME?

  1. I have wanted to comment for some time now, but never feel the focus necessary for articulately doing so.
    I will say that this is the best blog on this topic I have come across. I’m grateful for your work, and have found it incredibly helpful.
    I look forward to more of your writing.
    Much love and respect

  2. I read parts of this every few days to keep my motivation going. Thank you.